Central Patient Monitoring System

Seers provides a centralized patient monitoring system integrating wearable biosensors, real-time bio signal analysis algorithms, and monitoring software.

Monitoring dashboard

Using a dashboard, ward medical staff can monitor the real-time vital signs of patients admitted to the hospital, such as electrocardiogram readings, heart rate, respiration, oxygen saturation levels, blood pressure, and body temperature. By analyzing the bio signal data in real-time, the staff can effectively identify any emergency arrhythmias, cardiac arrests, and Early Warning Scores indicating abnormalities. This allows for timely and appropriate medical intervention to be initiated.

Hospital ward managing software

The patient monitoring system in hospital wards can be integrated with the hospital information system(HIS). The system allows for the management of wearable biosensor devices and the monitoring of bio signal data for each patient, providing the ability to track and manage prescribed bio signal monitoring status. This system also provides the capability to view event histories of any abnormalities, set customized alarm criteria, and generate personalized monitoring analysis reports for each patient.

Mobile monitoring software

Attending physicians and primary healthcare providers can monitor hospitalized patients' bio signals using mobile devices, such as smartphones, without any limitations on time or location. Additionally, they can access patient data by connecting with the hospital information system. In the case of emergencies, a remote collaboration between ward medical staff and physicians can be facilitated through video conferencing and chat functions.

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