Medical Adhesive Materials

We provide solutions in the field of medical adhesives that both patients and medical staff can trust and use safely.

  • Medical adhesive research

    • Establishment of adhesive materials research center in 2022

    • Holds various composition patents

    • Passes biological stability tests

  • Production of medical patches

    • Possesses mixing, polymerization, and coating technologies for medical polymer adhesives

    • Secured gmp production facility

    • Produces medical devices

  • Medical device OEM/ODM

    • Designs and produces medical devices for patches

    • Designs and produces wearable sensors for patches

    • Produces medical adhesive tape

Medical adhesives

Develops skin-friendly medical polymer materials and process technology to allow patients to attach patch-type wearable sensors for a long time.

  • Secures various functional adhesive material compositions

  • Develops custom adhesives based on customer specifications

  • Can change adhesive thickness and shape diversely

  • Silicone gel

    Silicone gel

    • Non-irritating to the skin

    • Wide range of applications

    • Suitable for sensitive skin use

  • Hydrocolloid


    • Excellent long-term adhesion

    • Addition of natural absorbent polymer

    • Suitable for active users with strong adhesion

  • Conductive

    Conductive hydrogel

    • Stable impedance characteristics

    • Addition of electrolyte salt

    • Transmits biometric signals without noise even during long-term wear

  • Adhesive

    Adhesive hydrogel

    • Continuous moisture supply and transparency

    • High adhesion performance

    • Protects the skin and maintains a humid environment

Medical patch products

We provide medical devices that measure patients' biometric signals such as body temperature, oxygen saturation, and heart rate through precise sensors in the form of non-invasive patches attached to the body.

  • Various biometric signal detection

  • High measurement reliability

  • Long-term attachment stability

  • ECG measurement electrode

    ECG measurement electrode

    • Silicone Gel PSA

    • Conductive hydro effect

    • MFDS certification (ministry of food and drug safety)

  • Temperature monitoring sensor

    Temperature monitoring sensor

    • Silicone gel PSA

    • MFDS certification(ministry of food and drug safety)

    • CE certification

  • Oxygen saturation measurement sensor

    Oxygen saturation measurement sensor

    • Acrylic PSA

    • Embedded PPG sensor

    • Medical elastic fabric

  • Medical
    adhesive PSA

    adhesive PSA

    • Medical grade adhesive material

    • Easy to attach and detach

    • Maintains a humid environment

Medical device OEM/ODM

We strive to build successful partnerships.

  • Clean room manufacturing facility

  • GMP production facility

  • Full-line up from coating to patch assembly for non-stop production

  • Product Design

    Product Design

    • Material design

    • Device design

    • Process design

  • Adhesive Coating

    Adhesive Coating

    • Gravure Coating

    • Comma Coating

    • Slot-Die Coating

  • Process capabilities

    Process capabilities

    • Laminating

    • Slitting

    • Die cutting

  • Manufacturing


    • ISO 13485

    • GMP

    • Cleanroom

Medical Al


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