Medical AI

Seers' wearable medical devices acquire various biometric signals, which are then analyzed to provide patients with various AI algorithm-based services.

  • Data-driven AI solution

  • Validation based on clinical studies

  • Scalability to various medical fields

Analysis of biometric signals

Building on the diverse biometric signals obtained from its wearable medical devices, Seers provides a range of services leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze patient conditions.

ECG analysis algorithm

Assists medical staff with quick and accurate decision-making through AI-based ECG analysis.

Temperature monitoring

Continuous temperature monitoring enables early detection of fever through the use of AI algorithms.

Sleep monitoring

Improves sleep quality and detects sleep apnea through AI-based sleep state analysis.


Identifies emergency situations by analyzing various biometric signals, such as heart rate, blood pressure, respiration, and temperature, and provides accurate alerts to medical staff.

Patient information analysis

Provides continuous monitoring solutions to observe and track patient status in hospital and home environments.

Location tracking

Enables real-time patient location tracking.

Fall detection

Allows for a quick response to fall incidents by detecting falls in real-time through acceleration and gyro sensors.

Activity measurement

Calculates exercise level and activity through AI-based ECG, acceleration, and gyro sensors.

Cardiovascular disease prediction

Helps to predict emergency cardiovascular diseases early and respond quickly.

Cardiac arrest prediction algorithm

Provides a prediction score for the risk of cardiac arrest through AI-based biometric signal analysis.

Atrial fibrillation prediction algorithm

Calculates a prediction score for the likelihood of atrial fibrillation through AI-based ECG analysis.

Central Patient Monitoring System


Medical Adhesive Materials


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